U.S. House

Illinois Federation for Right to Life Political Action Committee U.S. House Endorsements

Dist. Candidate

1 August Deuser (R)***  (DEFEATED)
3 Daniel William Lipinski (D)*  (WINNER)
6 Peter Roskam (R)*  (WINNER)
11 Tonia Khouri (R)***  (DEFEATED)
12 Michael Bost (R)*  (WINNER)
13 Rodney Davis (R)*  (WINNER)
14 Randy Hultgren (R)**  (WINNER)
15 John Shimkus (R)*  (WINNER)
16 Adam Kinzinger (R)*  (WINNER)
17 Patrick Harlan (R)***  (DEFEATED)
18 Darin Lahood (R)**  (WINNER)

*Voted for the 2016 Omnibus Budget Act (Act was not scored as an anti-life vote by NRLC)

**Did not vote for the 2016 Omnibus Budget Act

***Not a congressional incumbent